Meet the Fairy Animals

All sorts of Fairy Animals live in Misty Wood and they all have special jobs to do to make it blossom and keep it magical. Make friends with Chloe, Bella, Paddy and Mia and look out for more in the days to come...


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Chloe the Cobweb Kitten

Hello, I’m Chloe and I’m a Cobweb Kitten. It’s my special job to get up very early, collect dewdrops from the spring, and hang them on all the cobwebs in Misty Wood. This makes them even more beautiful and sparkly!

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Bella the Bud Bunny

Hello, I’m Bella and I’m a Bud Bunny. It’s my job to open the flower buds in Misty Wood. I do this by twitching my nose against them to make the pretty petals unfurl.

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Paddy the Pollen Puppy

Woof! Woof! Woof! My name’s Paddy and I’m a Pollen Puppy. I help make all the flowers grow by flicking the pollen about with my tail. It’s a very fun job!

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Mia the Moss Mouse

Hi, my name’s Mia and I’m a Moss Mouse. I might be small but I have a very important job, making velvety soft cushions out of moss for the other Fairy Animals to sleep on.