Explore Misty Wood

Misty Wood is the magical land where all the Fairy Animals live and play. Use your cursor or tap the lables to find out more about each of its lovely woodland play-areas.


Hawthorn Hedgerows

This is where the Cobweb Kittens work, hanging their beautiful dewdrops on the cobwebs and making them glimmer like strings of diamonds

Dandelion Dell

This is a very pretty place full of dandelions the colour of bright sunshine, and home to some of the little Moss Mice.

Crystal Cave

A cave inside Heather Hill that contains shimmering crystals that sparkle with every colour of the rainbow!

Golden Meadow

Bursting with woodland flowers, this is the Pollen Puppies’ favourite place. They love to scamper about, flicking the golden pollen with their tails, and making all the petals shiver and shake.

The Rabbit Warren

Down below these rabbit holes is a maze of twisting, turning tunnels leading to the Bud Bunnies’ cosy underground homes.

Bluebell Glade

Bluebell Glade is the sweetest-smelling place in the whole of Misty Wood. The Bud Bunnies love it here. They twitch their soft noses against the blue buds until, one by one, pretty little bells appear.

Heather Hill

A beautiful purple hillside, beyond the magic rainbow, where delicious honey is made by the bees of Misty Wood.

Moonshine Pond

Moonshine Pond glows with a pearly white light because it is full of moonbeams – put there by the Moonbeam Moles who catch them in their nets.

Honeydew Meadow

One of the favourite places for Pollen Puppies and Cobweb Kittens to play together – always bathed in sunshine and full of brightly coloured flowers.

Mulberry Bushes

These thick bushes with their blue berries grow above and around the Rabbit Warren, so you’ll often see a Bud Bunny hopping past!

Sundown Hill

A flower-covered hill on the very edge of Misty Wood, where the sun goes to sleep every night.

Dewdrop Spring

Every morning, bright and early, the Cobweb Kittens fly to Dewdrop Spring. There they catch glimmering dewdrops in their baskets and flutter off to decorate the cobwebs with them.

Heart of Misty Wood

At the very centre of the land is The Heart of Misty Wood. The most magical place of all, it is full of wonderful trees. Here you will often see Bark Badgers making pretty patterns on the tree trunks and, if you’re very lucky, you might even see – or hear – the Wise Wishing Owl, too.